Art Adventures

I was doing so well at posting more frequently, but recent travels have interrupted my flow of web updates. I am home for a while now, so hopefully I will be able to keep up a more regular schedule.

I’ve been all over on art-related travel recently: A workshop in Santa Barbara, CA; a trip to Las Vegas for the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies show; and a short trip to Corvallis to teach my ‘Creative Spark Session’ for a wonderful group of painters there. I love meeting creative people and talking about art, seeing art and seeing different places. But it always feels good to be home, too!

Here are some photos of my recent adventures!



  1. Travel, to me, opens vistas and lets my focus expand. Then, when I’m home, I am able to take that experience and concentrate it into something new in my work. I hope that you have an exciting time processing the travel experiences! Looking forward to what’s next.

    • Ruth

      Thanks Katherine,
      You’re right! It does just that. I feel a change coming… Will post new stuff soon!

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