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Pour it On! WFWS42 and WSO

WFWS42 and WSO's 52nd Annual Spring Exhibition The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art hosts “Pour It On! Watercolors from the West.” This exhibition features work from the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies and the Watercolor Society of Oregon. On view from April...

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Art Extravaganza 2017 Sponsored by Clackamas Art Alliance

If you've never experienced Art Extravaganza, you're in for a treat! Sponsored by the Clackamas Art Alliance, this vendor trade show is an opportunity for artists, educators, students and all art enthusiasts to test, try and buy new and favorite art supplies and...

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Learn About The Artist’s Palette

Learn About the Artist's Palette Join me from 12-3pm on Saturday, February 25th, 2017 at the Portland Art Museum's Rental Sales Gallery. You'll have a chance to meet and visit with 4 artists: Chris Bibby, Chuck Bloom, Rachel Wolf and me. You'll also get to explore...

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Ice Crystal Painting for Texture

Oregon has had its share of ice this winter, and I took advantage of this unusual weather to do a bit of ice crystal painting. I wet a sheet of 300 lb. Fabriano soft press watercolor paper, took it outside into the freezing cold, and dropped fluid acrylics and acrylic...

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Don’t Dilute Your Aesthetic Urge

The Artist's Aesthetic Urge Just after Christmas I enjoyed a woodsy walk with art buddy Randall Tipton. I casually mentioned that I hadn't actually made art in over a month. I had been occupied with preparing for the holidays and for the big WFWS Exhibition coming up...

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Homage to Arts Organizations

I don't see enough people paying homage to Arts Organizations. Without these vital groups in our communities, the intensive work of bringing art to the public eye would be ignored. Personally, I've been working diligently for the Watercolor Society of Oregon to plan...

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Art for Everyone – Sitka Invitational

Two shows this week: Art for Everyone - Sitka Invitational!   Please join me to celebrate the release of Art for Everyone, a new textbook created by the Faculty at Chemeketa Community College to help alleviate the high cost of textbooks for art students. I'm thrilled...

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2 Reasons to Ignore Feedback from Artist Friends

2 Reasons to Ignore Feedback from Artist Friends Here are two reasons I sometimes ignore feedback from my artists friends: I'm the only one who needs to be happy with the painting. They may not know my goals for the painting. Do you always listen to feedback about...

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Finishing an Abstract Painting

I thought my Gold Beach students would be interested in seeing how I go about finishing an abstract painting - this is one I started in the class. I've filmed my final steps using my iphone and time-lapse photography. I hope you enjoy the resulting video! I thought it...

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Crucible Abstract Acrylic

Each experience in our lives produces its own alchemy. This painting arose out of a contour drawing of my two dogs, Red & Lola. I’ve integrated them into the painting to the point that they disappear, and the painting has become something else entirely. The title has been in my head for months, relating to an experience that was intense and frustrating.

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Creative Arts Community at Menucha

Last week I taught a workshop for CAC (Creative Arts Community) at Menucha, a beautiful retreat center in the Columbia River Gorge. Each year this group brings together fantastic workshop instructors and interested adults for two weeks of creating together. This community is over 50 years strong because of these special ingredients:

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Flotsam and Jetsam – Maui Workshop Announcement

My newest painting has a tumultuous feeling, just like world events lately. In an unusual turn of events, I changed the title to ‘Flotsam and Jetsam’ at the end of the process. “I refuse to accept the idea that man is mere flotsam and jetsam in the river of life, unable to influence the unfolding events with surround him.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Holiday – Oil and Wax Abstract

I wanted a way for visitors to the Street of Dreams to sign up for my email list, and an incentive. So, I decided to run this giveaway on my website. And why limit the giveaway to attendees of the Street of Dreams? I say, anyone can enter!

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Stairway to Heaven Oil and Wax

“You can’t look at the top of the staircase and want to be there. You have to look at the step directly ahead of you and ask yourself, “How do I climb that step?” – Patrick Wilson

I wanted to use an s shaped composition to portray a winding route, or stairway. I really love the warm and cool contrasts in this piece. Additionally, the painting came together relatively quickly , which probably makes me love it more!

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A Quick Guide to Triptychs

“Undertow” is a new painting intended to form a triptych with two other oil & wax paintings: “Necessary Current” and “Crossover.” After seeing the space where my work will hang during the Street of Dreams, I realized that I would need a third piece to accompany the other two.

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