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traditional furniture with contemporary art

A Nice Mix of Traditional Furniture with Contemporary Art in my home


You might be interested in how artists and designers combine Contemporary Art with Traditional Furnishings. No one wants their home to look like an advertisement for a furniture store. You want your rooms to exude personality, class & style, but combining new pieces with old can be confusing and intimidating. Just for you, I’ve compiled some examples from across the web of rooms and homes that anyone would agree look amazing, personal and put together.

First, I thought I’d share a photo of one area in my home where I’ve combined a traditional, antique table and vintage bucket with contemporary art. From Top left to Bottom right, artwork by: Donna Watson, Steve Eichenberger, Tangie Pape Belmore & Chris Giffin. A few weeks ago I also put out a call to any collectors of my work to share photos of my paintings in their homes. Here’s one from Helen Ryhlick! I love seeing that clients are still enjoying paintings that they purchased from me years ago!

traditional room contemporary art

My painting in its forever home in Hood River

The Houzz website is a great resource for decorating ideas and advice. One of the great things about it is that you can often find out how to purchase items that you see in use and save photos in ‘ideabooks’ for inspiration. When I looked up Steve’s Crow sculpture, it turned up on Houzz.

I enjoy seeing how other artists display contemporary artwork, and this article really inspired me to write this blog post.  I thought the artwork really made the home special and I loved the contrast between the contemporary art and traditional furnishings. Take a peek:

I’ve found many great ideas in the following Houzz articles. I hope you enjoy viewing them!

And, just for variety, a couple of articles from other sources on how to Mix & Match Traditional & Contemporary styles:


Transcending Time Periods

I hope this has helped you visualize how contemporary artwork would look in your home or office. The most important thing to remember is to choose art and furnishings that you absolutely love. They will bring you and your guests years of enjoyment. If you have some great photos of contemporary art in a traditional room, share them with me!

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