I thought my Gold Beach students would be interested in seeing how I go about finishing an abstract painting – this is one I started in the class. I’ve filmed my final steps using my iphone and time-lapse photography. I hope you enjoy the resulting video! I thought it would be fitting to add “Maple Leaf Rag” as the soundtrack, as that is the tune that inspired this painting.

When I began the painting, I had a goal to start with warm colors and end with cool ones. After I returned home, I kind of forgot all about that, and just had fun with the painting.

I have vivid memories of struggling through this complex tune on the piano while my father listened. Dixieland jazz was his favorite music. The challenge is to try to put that experience into a painting! Whether viewers see the allusions or not is beside the point. I am happy with how it turned out.


I’m hoping the chance to watch me working on paintings will entice folks to come out this way for #PDXOS – Portland Open Studios. This video is just a sneak peek. I wish the process went this quickly in real life! You’ll even be able to view my complex videography set-up! I think it is pretty inventive.

Here’s One more incentive to visit me: I’m launching another contest today! I have 10 free admission tickets for the Sitka Art Invitational to give away. (one ticket per winner) Your chances are great to win this contest!

The Invitational is a wonderful show, benefitting the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology in Otis, Oregon. I am so honored to be included again! Each year, a wonderful collection of Northwest art is displayed for a one weekend sale. The Sitka community comes together to celebrate the arts and the earth. I hope you’ll mark your calendar to attend! You can enter to win below, or in person when you visit me during one of the Open Studio weekends:

Portland Open Studios 2016: October 8 & 9th and October 15 & 16th, 10-5 each day!

Let me know what you think of my video of my abstract painting process. I welcome your questions, suggestions and ideas.

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