I don’t know what it is about fall weather that kindles so much energy for me… maybe it’s the crisp foggy air, the promise of spiced cider, freshly planted hyacinths, the warm scent of pumpkins and the catharsis of clearing out the garden after another growing season has passed. We’ve been filling the freezer with the bounty from our farm, tilling in the rich fertilizer from our ‘critters’ and readying everything for a long winter nap. I’ve moved all my tender plants into the snug greenhouse for the winter and have been bustling up in the studio where it’s nice and warm. This weekend I will welcome 8 students for my first workshop here at home. I’m looking forward to seeing how the space feels with all that creative energy filling it.

I’ve been very absorbed with my blow torch and griddle these days,

"Grandmother's Garden" 8x10" encaustic and found objects

deep in the wax of an online encaustic class with the wonderful Judy Wise. I’m having so much fun, each day brings new inspiration. Tackling a new medium is stimulating all my creative juices. Here is one of my recent experiments ๐Ÿ™‚ I used an old piece of linen with embroidery and a hosta leaf from my garden, along with a reproduction of an old photo of my great grandparents. It’s an unusual color scheme for me, but I’m loving it.

I’m also sorting through my recent work, deciding which new pieces will deserve a frame, which old ones get kicked out of their frame, which pieces get turned over, etc. in preparation for my show next weekend at Victorhill Farm! I’ve sent out postcards, emails and talked it up on facebook, so I’m hoping people will come ๐Ÿ™‚ Of course, I’m getting the last minute jitters that Blenda and I will be the only ones there, lol. She has such a wonderful, warm space and I’m really looking forward to seeing my work there. I’m hoping this might be something she does semi-annually.

I hope to see you there: Friday, Saturday & Sunday, November 4, 5 & 6. Preview Party Friday night from 6-9 pm, Saturday & Sunday 11-5.

14935 S Leland Rd, Beavercreek, OR ย (503) 632-6244. Click here for a map… it’s not far from the freeway!

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