I’m reading The Content of Watercolor by Edward Reep. Many of the illustrations are in black & white, but some wonderful ones are in color. I’ve been especially interested in his description of how his work evolved and changed with the influence of life events: war, other artists, teaching, etc.

Today’s art world focuses on many things: installations, constructions, environmental art, video, performance art, time-based art. What is it about painting that keeps it alive?

“Society will always provide room for painting — it is far too personal and separate to be replaced. Painting has a life of its own. It is an experience for others to experience: and event of the mind and soul. There is magic in both the doing and in the seeing — there is the moment and eternity.” –Edward Reep

This painting started from a failed painting on yupo. I began to wash it off, and went from there, leaving some of the watercolor and adding some acrylic. Images of the day spent sketching in Bryant Park with Randall Tipton kept suggesting themselves. I like the loose, suggested trees and the dark water below.

"Bryant Woods" mixed watermedia on yupo ©Ruth Armitage 11x9"

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