"Night Walk" ©Ruth Armitage 2014, Watercolor on paper 30"x22"

“Night Walk” ©Ruth Armitage 2014, Watercolor on paper 30″x22″

This painting began as my demonstration for the Buffalo Grass Art Society almost a week ago. My goal was to paint the experience I had as a young adult, walking on the farm in the dark, without a flashlight. As I painted, my mind went back and forth between the narrative of the experience and pictorial considerations like how much dark to leave, color balance, etc.

I wanted to paint an image that allows the viewer a glimpse into my experience… a painting that lets you hear the crickets and the tree frogs, sense the warm enveloping dark and the glimmer of light from the house. The feeling of having eyes wide open, to barely eke out the shapes of the road, the fields and the tree line. Confused, but comfortable.

It can be tough to retain that concentration while painting in front of 16 people, but this group allowed me space to find words as I painted, and asked some excellent questions that kept me on track. It is an honor to be asked to demonstrate for a group of experienced artists like them!

I’m working on finishing the acrylic paintings that I started in both of last month’s workshops. More fine tuning is needed. I have my other watercolor at a point that I think it is finished, but my daughter pointed out an area of concern last night, so I will revisit it today.

We have snow on the ground and more predicted, so I guess I will hole up in the studio! I’m looking forward to teaching my next workshop in two weeks. I hope this weather calms down before then….

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