I’ve been preparing paintings to take to the Lobby Gallery in Oregon City’s Public Services Building. My work will appear there from December 10, 2013 till March 11, 2014. A nice long run! I will be showing some of the few remaining pieces of my figurative work. Get them before they’re gone!

"Silent Marsh" copyright Ruth Armitage 2011 Watercolor on Paper 22x30"

“Marshlands” copyright Ruth Armitage 2011 Watercolor on Paper 22×30″

Though I don’t plan to make any prints from my new “Down on the Farm” series, I have compiled a beautiful 2014 calendar with some stunning paintings included. If you’ve been waiting till you can afford one, this is a great treat you can give yourself or someone special on your Gift Giving list. I’m planning to send some to a few special customers who bought original paintings this year! Giving the gift of art is always more personal than anything you can find at the Big Box Stores!

Click here for Calendar Preview

Click here for Calendar Preview


If you’ve had your eye on a particular painting this year and would like me to give ‘Santa’ a hint, contact me and I’ll help make sure you have something special under the tree this year.

I would like to say something about giving here. It is not easy to find the right gift for those dear, rare people we want to spend our lives with or those who have been entrusted to our care. The best we can hope, is that our overflowing hearts are imprinted on the small tokens that we choose to pass over the spaces between us. I hope that your giving and receiving contain the overflowings of many hearts this Christmas season.




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