Here is another painting that will be on its way to Riversea Gallery tomorrow. I find it more difficult to get as many color variations in the smaller paintings, but I enjoyed the transparent layers and veils of colors. The river that flows through the farm is small, especially in summer. Perfect for cool dips after long days working in the fields during harvest.

"Submerged" ©Ruth Armitage 2103, Watercolor on Paper, 11x15"

“Submerged” ©Ruth Armitage 2103, Watercolor on Paper, 11×15″

This is another painting that needed a good look from my artist friends and a couple of final tweaks. It could also benefit from professional photography, but there is no time for that. The above shot was taken under artificial light in my studio. The image below was taken in natural light. Neither have the perfect color match.

"Submerged" in proces

“Submerged” in process: This is more like the correct saturation and value of the painting.

Let me know what you think. Do you like the turquoise mark making that I did in the upper right corner to complete the painting? I hope you’ll visit Riversea Gallery next time you’re in Astoria. They have a wide variety of art from the Northwest.

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