Cold Wax Supply List

Tuition fee covers these materials that instructor supplies: (4) painting panels, Powdered pigments, stencil material, dry wax paper.

Required Materials:

Instructor will provide (4) 12”x12” panels per student, included in materials fee. If you wish to work larger, or are more prolific,  bring extra either paper or panels in your desired size.

Please bring the following materials:

Palette: disposable paper palette or re-usable glass or wood palette.

Gesso and  one or two tubes of Acrylic for panel prep.

Brushes: One larger brush for gesso, one or two smaller brushes for painting, a palette knife or two.

Soft rubber “Pop-in” brayer by Speedball – removable roller type. Catalyst Wedge (flat, not comb type)

Sketch book, composition ideas, water container for rinsing gesso brush, matte medium, craft knife/exacto knife

1 or 2 magazines with interesting images, Paper Towels

Clay tools for sgraffito, stencils or stamps, Pencil, rough grit sandpaper or steel wool

Oil Pigments: Titanium White,  Ivory Black or Chromatic Black, Alizarin Crimson (Permanent), Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Yellow Light, Cadmium Lemon, Cobalt Blue, Cadmium or Pyrrole Red, Burnt Umber or Burnt Sienna plus any other colors you might already have on hand or be attracted to.

Any Fast Matte Colors by Gamblin or Alkyd colors you might already have. Titanium White Fast Matte is particularly useful.

Small 16 oz. Jar of Cold Wax Medium, either Dorland’s or Gamblin. Small sealable jar of odorless mineral spirits or gamsol.

Optional: Charcoal, oil pastel, Pigment Sticks by R&F, drawings, Collage materials

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