Blame it on the Moon: Abstract Nocturnes by Ruth Armitage

Artist’s Reception: April 4, 5 – 8 pm

Artist’s Chat: April 21, 11 am

Waterstone Gallery, Portland, Oregon: April 3 – 28, 2024

124 NW 9th Ave. 503.226.6196


”Blame it on the Moon – Abstract Nocturnes“ delves into the enigmatic interplay between darkness and illumination, exploring moments of both struggle and serenity. The intent of this current work is to capture these intricate layers of emotion – the dance between adversity and beauty, loneliness and love, gratitude and mystery.

Drawing inspiration from the cyclical rhythm of the moon, my paintings mirror its constant evolution, embodying both repetition and constancy. Through bold strokes of color and gestural brushwork, I seek to convey the fluidity of emotion and movement inherent in the night.

Inspired by the ever-changing lunar cycle and the profound influence it exerts on our emotions and perceptions, these abstract compositions serve as visual symbols, evoking a range of emotions from tranquility to restlessness. Each piece is a journey through the landscapes of the mind, where dreams intertwine with reality, and the familiar becomes imbued with a sense of the unknown.

Titles are drawn from a myriad of sources: personal experiences, poignant lyrics, evocative poetry, and meaningful conversations. From obsessive musical immersion to the introspective depths of insomnia, each work reflects a unique journey of self-discovery and reflection.

“Blame it on the Moon: Abstract Nocturnes” is not merely a collection of paintings; it is a contemplation of the unseen forces that shape our innermost thoughts and desires. By surrendering to the nocturnal muse, I seek to illuminate the profound beauty found in the darkness, inviting viewers to embrace the magic that unfolds when the world sleeps.