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I’m glad you’re here. I offer original artwork, online classes, and (when possible) in-person workshops. I think you’ll like what you see. Take a look around my corner of the web, keep in touch, and let me know how I can make your life more beautiful.

– Artist Ruth

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Domaine du Haut Baran, Lot Valley, France October 2021

If you’re like me, when you plan a trip to a foreign country you would like to avoid following the masses of folks who get all their information from a guide book. You’d like to sample a taste of what residents of the area do for fun, get to know a bit of history, and dine in out-of-the-way bistros without having to struggle over a menu.

But language can be a barrier. And how were you to know that yesterday was a special music festival (antique fair, farmer’s market, etc.) in that little village? If only you’d had a bit of inside knowledge! And what is the best time to visit that can’t-miss-it attraction? Where might you stop to eat? What are the best plein-air painting locations? Click below to find out why this trip will have you pinching yourself!

The trip with the art group to southern France was wonderful! It was a highlight in my life!
I am so happy I got to go! I never thought I’d get to go to Europe, and it was a fantastic way to do it!
Thank you for making that workshop available!”

-Cindy, participant 2019

“I loved our trip in so many ways and really, really thank you for wondrous instruction and for setting such a tone of joy and ease.”

– Leslie, participant 2019


“Ruth has so much to offer in many different aspects of creating artwork. She is approachable and respectful. She ranks well among the other excellent classes I have taken.  Ruth is decisive and thoughtful with her answers. Her ability to be personal and honest yet gentle are commendable. The class was worth my time and money and I have come away with many ideas, both theoretical and practical to work with.”


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Ruth Armitage

Ruth Armitage

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