This Valentine’s Day, I decided to do something special for subscribers to my newsletter. I offered the first 15 folks who replied a custom hand-made Valentine for their sweetheart. Surprisingly only about 8 subscribers took me up on it! I was on a roll, so I made a few for family members too 🙂

I enjoyed using my gelli-plate for printing the papers I used for collage. Layering the color  and pattern is so much fun! I’m going to be teaching a Gelli-Print class at the Keizer Art Association at the end of May.


Steve with his Golf Themed Valentine

Here are some of the comments I got from subscribers:

Dear Ruth,

Thank you very much for the Valentine’s card for my husband.  It was a huge surprise and a huge success, the best gift anyone could get on that day.

The card arrived promptly on the 14th.  He stared at the envelope with total confusion: “from a Valentine!? Post stamped from Portland!?”  He started opening the envelope right away, without waiting to get into the house.  I could see his excitement of discovering and hoping that he is secretly admired beyond his expectations.  At this point I regretted putting my name in the message. I completely spaced out and forgot that Valentine’s tradition required anonymity of a sender.  That could have been very cool, to torment him with suspicions for some time.  But at the end he knows that I love him. And that is priceless!

I love the design on your card. It has everything you talked about during the workshop – design, composition, unity.  It is elegant and sweet.

Thank you for this very special gift. I owe you big.

Hi Ruth,

Jim, my husband, was truly puzzled about the secret admirer he had on the West Coast who was an artist and named Mary! He is very much surprised and pleased….

This idea was so much fun Ruth–thanks for sharing yourself, your time and your talent.

Steve received your delightful Valentine and loved the mystery of not knowing whose writing was on the envelope.  Thank you so much for your creativity and beautiful artwork.

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