“Bluebird Summer” ©Ruth Armitage 14″x20″ Watercolor on Paper

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It feels good to be getting back to some semblance of routine after my long trip. I often like to leave some unfinished work on the table to help jump-start my creative process when I return from an extended absence in the studio. This was an older painting that I never really felt satisfied with, so I reworked it.  I opened up some space between the fir tree limbs, made the bluebird smaller, lightened the figure’s hair, and added some distant trees along the horizon line. I’m much happier with the painting now!

One of my big goals for our farm is to attract bluebirds. Maybe if I paint them enough, they will come?

I had planned to post today about one of the museums we visited in New York, and voila! … a friend posted a review of the very same show this morning! Click here for a wonderful review of the Klimt show at the Neue Gallery in NYC. Thanks Miriam Schulman 🙂

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