Making Sense of Challenges: 2021

The past year has been filled with challenges that have been a mix of good & bad. We need challenges to help us grow, yet they can also be discouraging if the grade is too steep. Looking back can be productive and help me make sense of challenges achieved and...

Time Does Not Return

Travel: because money returns but time does not. Time is one slippery beast. It cannot be caged, nor tamed. It passes quickly when we least want it to, and slowly when we want it to speed up. I wish our time in Switzerland and France had been longer. When it takes so...
When You’re Unaware

When You’re Unaware

When you use social media, you’re unaware of its impact. People could be simply scrolling – or they might be turning into your biggest fan. I prefer to think of social media as an easy way to stay in touch with lots of friends. I had a nice surprise this...

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