Grace & Mameo

Grace & Mameo

My painting “Grace & Mameo” was juried into the Beaverton Arts Commission Showcase, set to open February 7 with an artist’s reception from 7-9 pm. The show will be at the beautiful Beaverton Library, 12375 SW 5th St.,  continuing February 8-21.

Artists display the work that was juried, plus they can also exhibit up to 10 other shrink-wrapped paintings. So… I’ve been scrounging around the studio & kicking myself in the pants trying to get some work done. The paper work had to be mailed today.  I finished a new painting (see below). I like the painting, but it doesn’t really have the same content or fit in with much of my other work, so I think it will be fine to shrink-wrap and sell it (hopefully). I felt this was more a ‘getting my feet wet again’ painting, rather than a continuation of my series of work.  I have been struggling with the content of my paintings recently… trying to narrow down a focus. That should be obvious when you see how this painting looks like a ‘travel painting’. It doesn’t really have the personal content I’m usually devoted to. But I am pleased with how the value pattern & design of the painting work, which was what I was hoping to accomplish. And I like the mood that all the different shades of red create.

Hong Kong Fish Market 22"x15" Watercolor & Gouache

Hong Kong Fish Market 22"x15" Watercolor & Gouache

I also found a few demonstration paintings that I think I will shrink-wrap. I guess I will be spending some time matting, framing, shrink-wrapping etc. (yuk)

Pavonine Muse

Pavonine Muse, Watercolor 15"x11"

Autumn Orchard, Watercolor 15"x11"
Autumn Orchard, Watercolor 15″x11″
Near the Wood, Watercolor & Pencil 15"x11"
Near the Wood, Watercolor & Pencil 15″x11″

These last three images were an attempt to demonstrate using three different approaches to the same subject for different moods or meanings: Line, Color & Value.

If you live in the Portland area, I hope you’ll get a chance to see the show or come to the artists’ reception. The show  is open during Library hours (closed President’s Day).
I’m also getting so very excited about the upcoming 100 artist’s show – “Inside Out” at Mary Lou Zeek Gallery. I keep checking the website every day to see if the images of all the different books are up! No such luck. But soon!  Mary Lou posted an image of my book here.  See if you can guess which one is mine….

The exhibit will open on Tuesday, February 3rd at 10:00 am pacific time. The public will be able to bid on their favorite artwork. Beginning bids are $50.00 with increments of $5.00 with a maximum of $300. The entire show will be posted online at Calls can be made to the gallery to place bids: 503-581-3229 beginning at 10:00 am on February 3rd. The bidding ends February 27th, 2009 at 6:00 pm pacific time. Meet me at the artist’s reception Wednesday, February 4, from 5-7 pm 🙂 I will be there!

Friends of Pimpollo, this year’s non-profit organization that will benefit from the sales of these books, is dedicated to serving the needs of underprivileged youth and their families. This group believes in influencing change, beginning from the “inside-out.” Their work, of eradicating illiteracy and innumeracy, touches the lives of many throughout Southern Mexico and also locally around the Willamette Valley. Friends of Pimpollo’s focus is not only on providing necessary material goods, but they emphasize involvement, of sharing stories, working collaboratively on projects, laughing, and of coming to know one another’s lives. “We can walk with them and be a little part of their growth and education, and they will change their families, schools, and communities. They will change their lives,” stated Friends of Pimpollo’s President, John Kerr. “A pair of shoes, a computer, a school uniform, a hug and smiles of encouragement are among the things that Friends of Pimpollo is honored to provide these deserving and really cool kids and families.” Due to the positive nature of Friends of Pimpollo, most of the children involved have not only met their grade level expectations, but many are exceeding them. In the future, one of this non-profit’s goals is to assist adults who are participating in literacy classes to obtain microloans in order to help with future educational and life goals.

One-hundred artists are coming together, to work collaboratively in support of this thriving cause. The artwork donations of the participating artists will continue to help with scholarships, literacy classes, school attendance, student housing and one-on-one mentoring. We ask you to join in our support of this endeavor, sharing your time and artistic talent, to become a page in the stories of these people’s lives.

Participating Artists:

Ruth Armitage-Portland, Oregon; Toby Atticus-Fraley-Washington, PA; Marcy Baker-Portland, Oregon; Holly Ballard-Martz- Bremerton, WA; Christopher Bibby-Portland, Or; Nikki Blackwood-Portland, Or; Kathy Blondell-Portland, OR; Paula Booth-Salem, OR; Barb Campbell-Corvallis, OR; Mark Clarke-Eugene, OR; Margaret Coe-Eugene, OR; Eileen Cotter Howell-Salem, OR; Valaree Cox-Issaquah, WA; Diane Culhane-Seattle, WA; Doug Dacar-Salem, OR; Rebecca DaVere-Kirkland, WA; Kathy Deggendorfer-Sisters, OR; Jimmy Descant-Salida, CO; Deborah DeWit-Marchant- Tigard, OR; Katherine Dunn- Yamhill, OR; Mary Lou Epperson-Beaverton, OR; Mark Flowers-Mercersburg, PA; Elizabeth Frank-Tucson, AZ; Anne Furr-Salem, Or; Kate Gallegos-Aurora, IL; Liz Gamberg-Seattle, WA; Carolyn Garcia-Portland, OR; Jan Gassner-Salem, Or; MiKayla Gattuccio-Salem, OR; Chris Giffin- Jefferson, OR; Antonio Greco- Vernazza, Italy; John and Robin Gumaelius-Hoquiam, WA; Laurie Hall-Portland, OR; Kathy Haydon-Oregon City, OR; Jackie Hoyt-Portland, Or; Kelly James-Salem, Or; Bonnie Hull-Salem, Or; Pamela Huntington- Canton, CT; Jacquline Hurlbert- Lake Oswego, OR; Jamie Johnson-Salt Lake City, UT; Lisa Kaser-Portland, Or; John Kime-Independence, Or; Tamara Kime-Independence, OR; James Kirk-Monmouth, Or; Jessica Kreutter- Knoxville, TN; Karen Croner-Westlake Village, CA; Kristin Kuhns-Salem, OR; Ann Lahr-Corvallis, OR; Darcy Leighty-Salem, Or; Jeanne Levesseur-Portland, OR; Joni Ulman Lewis-Fredricksburg, VA; Shari Lord-Silverton, OR; Melissa Lowry-Portland, OR; Tracy MacEwan-Taft, OR; Laura Mack-Salem, Or; Harold Mason-Monmouth, OR; Jill Mayberg-Vancouver, WA; Megan McCamy-Portland, Or; Nicole McConville-Ashville, NC; Sue-Del McCulloch-Salem, OR; Lori McLaughlin-Salem, OR; Phebe Miller-Portland, OR; Jami Moffett-Salem, OR; Betsy Moore-Medford, OR; Carol Mosher-Edmonds, WA; Kim Murton-Vancouver, WA; Alison O’Donoghue-Portland, OR; Felix Oliveros-Independence, OR; Beth Palmer- Raleigh, NC; Amy Peacock-Snohomish, WA; Judy Phipps-Rickreall, OR; Jodie Raborn-Salem, Or; Shannon Richardson-Portland, OR; Kim Robertson-Easton, PA; Thomas Rude-Portland, OR; Grace Sanchez-Aloha, OR;Amanda Sargent-Seattle, WA; Robert Schlegel-Banks, OR; Bonnie Schulte-Salem, Or; Totem Shriver-Sheridan, OR; William Skrips-Blairstown, NF; Adam Smith-Worchester, PA; Carla Sonheim-Salida, Co; Jacob Sorenson-Salem, Or; Kate Speckman-Salem, Or; Emily Stuart-Salem, Or; Jud Turner-Eugene, OR; Barbara Walker-Salem, OR; Marjorie Weiss-New York, NY; Linda Welch-Lake Oswego, Or; Sandra Whiting-Clinton, WA; Kay Worthing-Salem, Or; Jane Wynn-Nottingham, MD; Alan and Mary Lou Zeek-Salem, Or; Tory Brokenshire-Salem, Or; Sonja Dahl-Eugene, OR; Lisa Small-Westhill, CA; Jani Holberg-Eugene, OR; Kim Hamblin-Sheridan, OR;

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