"Growth" ©Ruth Armitage, 2014 Watercolor on Paper 30x22"

“Growth” ©Ruth Armitage, 2014 Watercolor on Paper 30×22″ Sold

Before the Artist’s Reception at Riversea Gallery, I took a one week workshop with Master Artist, Katherine Chang Liu in Ventura, California. I have been studying with Katherine on and off since the 1990’s. She has seen my work evolve from still life, through figurative and now on to my more abstract paintings.

Katherine’s instructional methods have also influenced my own teaching. She encourages artists to set their own goals and pursue their own paths. Her instruction hinges heavily on examining the work that other artists are doing, and considering carefully how to set one’s own work apart from the rest. Self-evaluation and self-generated questions are also an important part of the mentoring process. It is not as important whether the work pleases her, but rather does the work please the artist?

My work during the week focused on color and gestural mark-making. I am please with this piece because I feel that it has some of the strong design I’ve been seeking (an x shaped composition) along with very expressive, organic shapes and marks. The colors are more unusual and personal. One phrase that will help me judge my color as I move forward in this series is ‘rich, but not colorful.’ I think that is a good descriptor of my feelings about the place as well.

This particular piece about the farm is related more to the process of growing crops than about the view of buildings or man-made roads, etc.  I hope you will let me know what you think… leave me a comment!

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