If you get lost, what do you do? When we are kids we are taught to stand still and wait for someone to find you. Fairy tales and books like Alice in Wonderland teach kids that wandering around unaccompanied is fraught with danger.

It’s really the opposite in artwork. Those who keep going make progress. They try different routes or methods when their painting strays off the tracks and they get lost. These folks are persistent in the face of failure. They approach art as an experiment.

I love to experiment, maybe because of my science background. This week I’ve been experimenting with Hahnemühle’s Oil & Acrylic Paper. It has a great canvas-like texture.

Last month I received a 9.4 x 12.6 inch block of 10 sheets to try. The paper is thin – 110 lbs. But I found it sturdy and I’ve tried mounting it on a panel. Enjoy watching the video below! Let me know if you have any questions about the paper or if you find yourself getting lost.

Where to find Hahnemühle paper

You can order the paper online from Dick Blick here: https://www.dickblick.com/products/hahnemuhle-oil-acrylic-paper-pads/ Or you can ask your favorite art retailer to carry it. Next I’ll be trying gouache with it.

I hope you find something to experiment with -whether it is creating something new or collecting new work. And remember, even if you feel a bit lost, keep on going!

Finally: calling all Artists: if you want to experiment with this paper, you can enter my very fun giveaway below. You’ll get a block of Hahnemühle’s Oil & Acrylic paper, a set of handmade oil paint by Williamsburg, plus my free video and pdf download on Getting started with Abstract Art! Enter below – and use more than one entry method to up your chances to WIN! Contest ends Thursday, February 4th at 9 pm PST.

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