Land Lines developed as an online course because of how much I enjoyed teaching it live at the Sitka Invitational this past year. You can read about some of my take-aways here: Although there is a severe learning curve when developing an online course,  I’m happy to announce that I’ve conquered the puzzle of what works for me, and what doesn’t. The free offering that I created a couple of weeks ago gave me some great insights into what would and wouldn’t work.

“Last Day VI” Watercolor and pencil on paper, 11″x11″ $395

I loved the opportunity to do a live session, but realized that the quality of video streaming was not what I needed to get through to students.

The new offering I’ve created: Land Lines takes advantage of the positives and eliminates the drawbacks of teaching online.

This class is very similar to my in person three-day workshop, with different presentations and assignments for each day. At the end of the 3-day online presentation, students have one week to assimilate the information and do the assignments.

We re-convene in small groups via the Zoom app, so students can ask further questions and submit work for comments and critique. Students sign up on the website and upload their images after completing the 3-day class.

I’ve honed my skills for presenting slide shows and videos and I think this gig is ready for the big time. Please join me and enjoy this jump-start to your creative process. You’ll love exploring different facets of Line, and learning your own personal vocabulary of line.

Limited Time Offer

Register today and receive a free mini-workshop: “Texture Explorations” with your purchase of “Land Lines”.


Land Lines: May 1, 2 & 3 with bonus small group live review session on May 11 

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