"Winds of Change" ©Ruth Armitage Cold Wax & Oil on Panel 30"x40"

“Winds of Change” ©Ruth Armitage Cold Wax & Oil on Panel 30″x40″ SOLD

I have not posted artwork recently, but I have been painting! This painting will be part of my June exhibit at Riversea Gallery “Down on the Farm.” Titling this painting Winds of Change is very appropriate, since it went through so many changes in the course of painting.

Talking to a friend about using cold wax this morning helped me to verbalize why I enjoy this medium so much. Some painting days you are ‘on’ and others you aren’t. This medium allows me to stay loose and to experiment without judgement for a longer period of time than watercolor. It allows me to tolerate the chaos of the beginning stages for longer, knowing that they only add to the overall patina and depth of the final work.

One of the reasons for painting my “Down on the Farm” series is to document my memories and feelings about my parent’s farm. Though each painting begins with the a similar basic layout of roads, fences, house, barn and yard, every one of them has ended up with its own unique specific theme and colors.

As I painted this, spring storms blew through Oregon, new growth burst forth and, simultaneously, our family grappled with questions about aging and independence, about what is best for the farm and the folks. Generations of my family have tilled the land, and my hope is that my children will have an opportunity to live that lifestyle.

As I painted this work, another family farm was sold to be subdivided near my home. I don’t think I realized how much I missed the open space of a farm until I returned to living in the country. I so enjoy being able to see the growth cycle of my lambs, the wind in the trees, the clouds coming over the horizon or sun breaking through. It doesn’t come without hard work and sacrifice… longer drives to the city, mucking out stalls, worry over weeds and weather. But it is the life for me.

Here is one more in Oil & Wax, this one will be included in Mary Lou Zeek’s “Pulse” show, a Pop-Up Gallery set for May 9-16, 2014, benefitting the Medical Foundation of Marion and Polk Counties. I hope you can join us! Opening reception May 9, 5-8 p.m., Silent Auction May 10-16 11 .m. – 5 p.m., See me at “The Artist is In” May 13 from 11-3.

"See" ©Ruth Armitage, Oil & Wax on Panel 12"x12

“See” ©Ruth Armitage, Oil, Wax, and Collage on Panel 12″x12 SOLD

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