“Shy” ©Ruth Armitage Watercolor & Gouache 22×22″

I finally feel like this painting has come together today. As I painted it, the vivid colors really looked garish, but I think I have subdued them enough now. I wanted to use bright colors, but still create a soft, delicate mood to go with the gesture of the figure & the deer. The deer was inspired by looking out at our pasture and the figure is from a photo of our neighbor’s daughter. Somehow they seemed to belong together.

My kids find this hard to believe, but I was very shy as I was growing up. I was often alone in nature, observing, soaking in the quiet. This painting has a lot of me in it from my childhood.

Spring has arrived here, but these colors must be carried over in my memory from my trip to the southwest heat. Here in Oregon, it is cool and mossy and rainy. I’m looking forward to a trip to California next week to study with Skip Lawrence and stay with my good friend Ruth Ellen Hoag.

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