This past few weeks I’ve been busy creating new artwork in several workshops.

First, I took part in a wonderful workshop held in Santa Barbara with Skip Lawrence.

Skip Lawrence workshop participants

Skip Lawrence workshop participants

Some of my new artwork

"You're So Sensitive" ©Ruth Armitage, Watercolor on Paper 11"x11"

“You’re So Sensitive” ©Ruth Armitage, Watercolor on Paper 11″x11″

Skip Lawrence has been a mentor for many years and has seen me through quite a few changes in my work, from still life to figurative to abstraction. I always value his input and am inspired by his instruction. Here are a few more new pieces that transpired from the workshop.

"Autumn Migration" Mixed Media on Paper 11"x11" ©Ruth Armitage

“Autumn Migration” Mixed Media on Paper 11″x11″ ©Ruth Armitage

"Haunted" Mixed Media on Paper 22"x30" ©Ruth Armitage

“Haunted” Mixed Media on Paper 22″x30″ ©Ruth Armitage

"Thresher" Mixed Media on Paper 15"x22" ©Ruth Armitage

“Thresher” Mixed Media on Paper 15″x22″ ©Ruth Armitage

"Attic" Mixed Media on Paper 22"x22" ©Ruth Armitage

“Attic” Mixed Media on Paper 22″x22″ ©Ruth Armitage

"Evening Vista" Mixed Media on Paper 15"x20" ©Ruth Armitage

“Evening Vista” Mixed Media on Paper 15″x20″ ©Ruth Armitage

3 Whites for Watercolorists

Next I taught my own workshop: Three Whites for Watercolorists. My friend Ruth Ellen Hoag hosted me in beautiful Santa Barbara. I neglected to take many photos, but trust me when I say that my students did fantastic work. If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve seen some of them posting their beautiful paintings. Here are a few of my demonstrations:

"Sundown" Mixed Media on Paper, 7"x11" ©Ruth Armitage

“Sundown” Mixed Media on Paper, 7″x11″ ©Ruth Armitage

"Night Flight" Mixed Media on Paper, 8"x10" ©Ruth Armitage

“Night Flight” Mixed Media on Paper, 8″x10″ ©Ruth Armitage

"Silent Wings" Mixed Media on Paper 7"x11" ©Ruth Armitage

“Silent Wings” Mixed Media on Paper 7″x11″ ©Ruth Armitage

Cold Wax and Oil

Finally, this week I held a 2-day workshop featuring Cold Wax and Oil painting at my neighbor’s beautiful Studio on the Knoll. Here’s a group shot of most of the class at the end of the workshop:

Satisfied Participants

Satisfied Participants

Art Buddies signed up together :)

Art Buddies signed up together 🙂

And one of my demonstration paintings

"High Water" Oil & Cold Wax on Panel 12"x12" ©Ruth Armitage

“High Water” Oil & Cold Wax on Panel 12″x12″ ©Ruth Armitage

Next up, one more workshop on Oil & Cold Wax at Emerald Art Center next week!I love teaching and taking workshops because it provides me with lots of painting time, feedback and friendships. I hope you’ll join me for a future class.

Leave me a comment and let me know which is your favorite new artwork!


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