“Streamside” ©Ruth Armitage, Oil on Panel 7″x5″

Available, contact me for purchase information. It has been glorious fall weather here in Oregon, and friends & I spent yesterday afternoon at Fields Bridge Park painting together. I was so glad I chose to bring oil paints, as the wind was wild.  It made it difficult to get any watermedia to behave. It was fun to try to capture the rocky shoreline in oil though. The slow dry time was great for allowing me to blend and revise. Randall Tipton has a beautiful image inspired by the afternoon on his blog.

Here’s what it really looked like 🙂

In other news, the tomatoes are going gangbusters in the garden. Here is a pic of my best specimen this fall. The pan is a 2 quart saucepan… so you know it is huge! I guess that’s why they call this variety “Big Beef.”


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