"Tupelo Honey" ©Ruth Armitage 2013, Acrylic on Yupo 20"x28"

“Tupelo Honey” ©Ruth Armitage 2013, Acrylic on Yupo 20″x28″


I had another blog post all ready to go, but I’ve been updating the featured images on my home page and realized that I don’t think I’ve posted this painting yet! My other post was waiting for a new image of a work in progress, so this one gets to go first. I’ve been working on leaving more calligraphic marks in my paintings, and this one in particular is one of my favorites. The circular stencil came from a frozen meal that used a steamer basket for rice and veggies. I cut out the motif from the bottom of the tray and used it as a stencil. Neat pattern!

The image focuses in on the bottom land of my parent’s farm. I used a hand carved, grass-like stamp to represent the grass-seed field.

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