Spring is in the air! Things are looking up around here. I’ve been working in the garden and in the studio, but don’t have anything that feels ready to show.

I was thrilled to find out that my work was accepted for the 38th Annual Western Federation of Watercolor Societies’ show which will be held in the Dallas, TX area in  June! Here is the painting that was accepted:

Golden Hour, 30x22" Acrylic on Paper copyright Ruth Armitage

Golden Hour, 30×22″ Acrylic on Paper copyright Ruth Armitage

This past weekend felt cold and dreary after our recent warm spell. The little goats are telling me that it feels like spring, and the ewes are munching pasture at an incredible rate, preparing for lambs in about a month!

Spring Is In the Air #pygmy #goat #jumping #frisky #kicking #king #of #the #mountain

I took refuge in my greenhouse yesterday for a serene and warm sensory experience. It felt like spring or summer in there for sure! The frogs were singing, the flowers blooming and the earth smelled rich and wet.

Created with cinemagr.am


My froggy little stereo!


Orchids are almost ready to pop open!


moisture loving succulents!


Sweet little stock…


Wherever you are reading this, I hope you are holding spring in your heart!

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