How to Hygge

Hygge – noun: (hoo-ga) The Danish word for enjoying life’s simple pleasures and creating coziness. 

This time of year I feel torn between nesting and getting out. I think this Danish idea of Hygge is a perfect way to describe the elemental feelings of Autumn. There is a certain nostalgia for summer, and Autumns past (Try to Remember the Kind of September.) But there is also the renewed energy that cooler weather and new adventures bring.

When I think of new adventures, my mind always turns to art. I’m thrilled to announce my upcoming exhibition at Coos Art Museum. The details are all included here: https://rutharmitage.com/coos-art-museum-seasons-of-home/ I’ll have 22 paintings on display, and bringing them all together for framing and documenting seems like a kind of harvest to me. I hope you’ll join me to celebrate! I’m also planning new workshops for the coming year and getting ready to host my friend, Ruth Ellen Hoag for a workshop next month. Check out all the details on my workshop page: https://rutharmitage.com/art-workshops/

Finally, here are my top 5 tips for creating Hygge in your home this fall:

  1. Create a cozy atmosphere: place new or existing art work where you can see it from your favorite seat.
  2. Balance blankets, football, books & movies with brisk walks and raking leaves.
  3. Savor the scents, flavors and colors of autumn: golden grains, bronzed pumpkins and squash, savory sepia teas, coffees and cocoa.
  4. Get out and enjoy an art exhibit (like mine!) with friends. It’s a great way to brighten a dark evening.
  5. Go ‘Back to School’ with an art class. I recommend Ruth Ellen Hoag’s October workshop – details here!

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