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Skip Lawrence has been a wonderful mentor to me over the past 20+ years. When I first started taking workshops from him, my paintings were photorealistic and I didn’t feel they were very expressive. Comments I received were related to how realistic the paintings were rather than how the works made people feel.

Fast forward to now, after many years studying with Skip and other mentors of similar persuasion…. I feel that each year, my work becomes stronger and more expressive.

Visit Skip’s Website to see more of his exciting work, and read about his teaching philosophy. Or you can read about some of the things I’ve gotten from workshops I’ve taken with him over the years in past posts here & here

No instructor is right for every student. What I appreciate about Skip’s workshops are the combination of rigorous critiques, practical, concrete exercises, and exciting examples.


Q: Am I ready for this workshop?

A: Only you can answer this question. I’ve seen rank beginners who have never handled a brush have success, while experienced painters with years of painting under their belts have found frustration. The most important key to success in a class like this is to enter with an open mind.

Q: Will we paint in Watercolor or Acrylic?

A: You can paint in either, and can include dry media as well. This workshop does not focus on technique or medium, rather on content (expressing your subject) and design.

Q: What size will we work?

A: Whatever size you are comfortable with. You will want to bring some paper for ‘exercise’ type work. Other than that, canvas or paper should be what you are accustomed to working on.

Each student will have their own 6′ table. Class size is limited to 24. I hope you can join us! Click below for registration – class filled quickly last year – so don’t delay!

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